Hilltop Honey
Hilltop Honey
We fly over
40,000 bee-miles
to make you one
jar of honey
Hilltop Honey


If bees could type and use a computer, they still wouldn't have time to Twitter. I'll do it for them, as Iím sure I know what they're thinking. Follow these bite-sized chunks of thoughts and info from me and my busy team.

Newtown - home of the bees

Partly Cloudy
Wind 19mph


'A bee was never caught in a shower.' That's what the old proverb says; so letís see if my band of happy little workers will be out-and-about this week. Donít know why we need this weather chart, really. Just ask the bees.


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We now have our very own eShop. If you like the look of our awesome tasting honeys and fancy some for your cupboard right now then please click the link above and shop till your heart's content.


Honey recipes

OK, so it tastes great straight from the jar, but why not make some of these specially selected recipes, using lashings of Hilltop Honey. Starters, mains or puddings - I'll get honey into every course. Come on, bees, make me some more.

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