hilltop honey & cinnamon cashew nut butter

10 mins!
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  1. Drain the water from your cashews and dry them off in a towel, then add into a food processor along with the rest of your ingredients.
  2. Blend for a minute or so then scrape down the sides and repeat this process until you have a nice smooth buttery consistency.
  3. Taste and add any additional salt, cinnamon or Hilltop Honey infused with Cinnamon depending on your taste, then scrape into a container and enjoy.
  4. This tastes fantastic on top of a fresh apple or crusty bread, it is delicious in smoothies or you could even use it to top pancakes – go wild!

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This is a recipe received from Mitch Lee Fitness!

Please see his nutrition guide per serving below:

(per tablespoon or 15g serving):


2.1g protein

4.2g carbs

5.4g fats (1.8g saturated) – a truly delicious source of healthy fats!

“I am a huge nut butter addict. I admit it. I go through jars and jars every month – I just can’t get enough. It can be an expensive habit and sometimes certain nut butters on the market have extra ingredients and additives that really aren’t necessary – hence deciding to make my own for once. This is creamy, fudgy, rich and a delicious balance of sweet and salty. Nutritionally cashews are far healthier than peanuts, and the flavour and texture they help make is amazing. As they are also less oily that peanuts, the addition of coconut oil helps to balance it out – without tainting the flavour to taste like coconut surprisingly. This method would be easy to do with any combination of nuts, varieties of honey and any other flavours too. For example a ginger almond butter would be particularly tasty, as would making a honey & hazelnut butter.” – Macro Mitch


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