Our products

Our honey is totally natural – full of goodness – purity in a jar, and can be grainy, smooth or creamed. The taste from season-to-season can be subtly different, as our bees gather from a diverse variety of flowers. Every jar is perfect in its own unique way and is about as close and unspoilt as you can get to eating it straight from the hive. What could be better?
Available in 340g, 227g and 110g jars.

We now have Raw Organic honey available from organic certified fields in Europe. Customers have asked us repeatedly if our raw honey was organic but it isn’t as you can’t producr organic honey in the UK simply becuse we are too small of an island to have the amount of space needed to be sufficient for a bee to gather nectar from. The 4 honeys we have available are all very different in taste so I urge you to try them all. Available in 370g squeezy bottles

For Japanese Customers, please order through our Japanese distributor Yamato.