there’s more to honey

At Hilltop Honey we want everyone to know that there’s more to honey than you might initially think!

Why do we say that there is more to honey?

  • All honey isn’t the same like some people think, there are so many different flavours! Similar to wine, the flavour of honey all depends on what flowers the bees have visited to make the honey!
  • There are so many interesting facts about bees, their hives and the magical honey which they produce! We want to tell everyone how special bees really are!
  • Bees do so much work to create honey and it is only when you understand how much work they do that you begin to appreciate them. Not just for what they do to create honey but the pollination that they do to bring you so many different things like strawberries & cotton!
  • The benefits for honey are endless, from using honey on your skin to help it heal to drizzling honey on your morning porridge for the taste or the health benefits!