The history of hilltop honey

Hilltop Honey was founded back in 2011 by Scott Davies in the back garden of his parents’ house in mid Wales, Scott was recovering from an unfortunate back injury he received from playing rugby and as part of his rehabilitation he began walking to the end of his parents garden where there was a beehive, with Scott’s path crossing with the bees everyday he soon became fascinated with the bees so to continue his rehabilitation he took his interest of bees to the next level and started beekeeping himself! It was in this period that Scott had the idea of hilltop honey! With Scott’s back injury preventing him going back to his manual labour job it was the push he needed to start his idea of hilltop honey & that was when hilltop honey was born.

Scott sold his first jars from his hive to local shop in his hometown, within a week all his jars had been sold with people in the local community amazed how much better his honey tasted to what was already available. Scott knew that this was because his honey was raw and nothing had been done to his honey & he kept getting the same message as he toured mid wales and food festivals up and down the country. Scott then knew he had to make raw honey more readily available to everyone and he set out targeting bigger fish!

In 2015 Hilltop Honey became the first ever Raw Honey in the supermarkets when listed with Tesco and a year later with Sainsburys!

Now into its 6th year Hilltop Honey is now supplied by thousands of hives whose beekeepers share the same values, hilltop honey now sells raw honey across Britain to deli’s, health shops, farm shops & supermarkets with each offering some part of hilltop’s raw range.

Nature intends for honey to be raw, so that’s the way we keep it.