Company values

  • To continue to providing the highest quality raw honey to our customers.
  • To educate consumers on the benefits of raw honey.
  • To support & give back to the honey bee.
  • To be a trusted, informative & transparent brand.

hilltop honey works with the Montgomeryshire wildlife trust giving 5% of our Welsh honey profits to them to help bees and other wildlife across the region, with hilltop honey also having hives on the wildlife trusts ground which is perfect for bees as it is safer and full of wildflowers perfect for hilltop honey’s welsh honey. Our adopt a bee scheme this is one of the ways hilltop honey tries to help the bees by educating people on the nature of bees.

This year hilltop honey decided to stick to the British roots of the company and decided to give 10% of our online sales throughout a period of November to the British Legion’s poppy appeal which is something hilltop plans to do every year from now on.